Consultation for IHP+ transition to UHC2030 and declaration for harmonisation on health – latest updates

Harmonisation on health (‘Montreux’) group
Case studies
An informal CSO group came together following a WHO-hosted meeting at Montreux, around the need to align and harmonise donor efforts in support of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) advocacy by civil society organisations. With the focus on UHC2030 this group has now been dissolved. 

The group came together at the World Health Assembly to hold a side event, presenting arguments for the harmonization of different health actors towards UHC. A set of case studies from four countries was developed for this, on role of CSOs in multi-stakeholder platforms and in countries transitioning towards UHC. These can be downloaded here:

•    Cameroon case study
•    Nepal case study
•    Nigeria case study
•    Peru case study

Harmonisation in health declaration – sign on here
The harmonisation group also put together a declaration on harmonization in the health sector, which is available here. This statement is open to sign on from all organisations and individuals supportive of a call to harmonisation – if you would like to add you voice please input your details into the form below to sign on.

IHP+ transition to UHC2030 – (CSO) consultations
AfGH successfully pushed the International Health Partnership Plus (IHP+) team to consult with CSOs and hold a side session at the World Health Assembly. This information-sharing session was live streamed and the recording is available on youtube and presentation slides here.

AfGH also participated in the formal UHC2030 Multi-stakeholder Consultation Meeting held in Geneva in June. This two-day consultation process was a critical moment in the transformation of the IHP+, informing the strategic direction and scope of work of what is now the IHP for UHC2030.

Online consultation
An online consultation is now open around the IHP+ transition towards UHC2030, in particular on how to operationalise this transition.

As became clear from the consultation moments some IHP+ partners are still reluctant to make that shift beyond aid effectiveness and towards a more transformative (and political) UHC2030. Currently the High Level Political Forum is also used to demonstrate the added value of UHC2030, under the lead of WHO, Japan, France and Germany.  See a blog and events happing now.

Health Data Collaborative
Based on from the recommendations from the Measurement 4 Health Summit and other follow on events, the Health Data Collaborative (HDC) was launched on March 9th 2016 in New York on the margins of the UN Statisticians meeting.

The health data collaborative seeks to work with countries to improve health data and track progress on the health related SDGs. Civil society organisations are invited to join the CS group, through which they can actively engage with the Health Data Collaborative Secretariat – email communications(at)