Find out the latest news, and most pressing issues from the world of global health here
Find out the latest news, and most pressing issues from the world of global health here

Health for All on UHC Day 2016 - the UK’s role in promoting UHC in the SDGs era

Universal health coverage (UHC) has been high on the global and political agenda this year – with recent wins for the measurement of UHC in the SDG global indicator framework and growing country commitments to support the IHP for...[more]

Action for Global Health UHC Day event in UK Parliament

Wednesday, 14 December 2016, 2-4pm Macmillan Room, Portcullis House, Westminster[more]

Consultation for IHP+ transition to UHC2030 and declaration for harmonisation on health – latest updates

Action for Global Health has been involved in multiple discussions with different alliances and consultation processes on the global health agenda. See below an update on where to find more information.[more]


Implementing the UHC 2030 objectives22-23 of June in Geneva A broader consultation process will be set up following the Steering commitee meeting and multistakeholder consultation to ensure CSOs are contributing to the...[more]

AFGH webinar IHP + transition to UHC Alliance

CSO reflections on global health accountability mechanisms being set-up [more]

Note CS engagement 1205

Note for the Civil society engagement mechanism in UHC 2030: building an alliance to strengthen health systems

MSH RF UHC Accountability Consultation Report

Options for an Accountability Framework for Universal Health Coverage: Consultation Report[more]

UHC Measure What Matters

An urgent civil society request for support from Ministers of Health

LSTM led team wins bid to organise the 2018 Health Systems Global Symposium

Biennial global conference will bring over 2,000 delegates to ACC Liverpool[more]

Towards a Universal Health Care system: the road to SDG 3

Join us at the EU parliament to debate on Financing for Health. See a program here.[more]

UHC accountability options - Have your Say !

Take part in the survey and help further shape the implementation of UHC, how it is to be monitored, reviewed and corrected where needed. [more]

UK AfGH develops factsheet on UHC

Universal Health Coverage – UHC is celebrated globally on December 12th. To support the global CSO call to action, UK AfGH CSOs draft recommendations on UHC addressed to the UK government. [more]

Civil society placed at the heart of health accountability efforts

Subtitle CSO side events on accountability of Global Health in the new Sustainable Development Goals and new Monitoring & Accountability Frameworks Civil society must be placed at the heart of accountability efforts in order...[more]

Unpacking Health ODA Webinar

Please find here a short ppt of what has been presented at the webinar.The various grafs on the document have hyperlinks that allow you to click on and explore yourself the various interactive tools. Key messages from the...[more]


Join us for a free webinar September 02,  16:00-17:00 CET Every dollar invested in health returns $9 in middle-income countries and $20 in low-income countries. Delivering on international and domestic funding commitments...[more]

Beyond 2015: Financing Equitable Access to Health

On the occasion of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development, AfGH is participating at an event with key stakeholders discussing financing equitable access to health. The last fifteen years of the...[more]

The power of data to drive accountability

Last week the World Bank, World Health Organisation (WHO) and USAID co-hosted a conference on Measurement and Accountability for Health. The conference launched an international call to action and offered an opportunity...[more]

5 ways to achieve the right to health for all by 2030

As the end of the health Millennium Development Goals is approaching, the sustainable development goals and their strong commitment to leaving no one behind — as well as addressing inequalities both among and within countries —...[more]

European Development Days 2015

Action for Global Health is hosting a high level panel and a lab session at the European Development Days 2015. Click here for more information.[more]

European Civil Society calls on EU leaders not to miss historic opportunity to end poverty

EU leaders will miss a historic opportunity to keep their promises to the poor and end poverty (by committing to spending 0.7% of their Gross National Income (GNI) on development assistance and half of aid on Least Developed...[more]

Moving the Health Goal Forward: Civil Society Action on Indicators, Measurement and Accountability

Join Action for Global Health alongside The Global Health Council, CHESTRAD, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and Stop AIDS Alliance, for a half day workshop to focus on global indicators,...[more]

Health Matters 2015- European Year of Development

Putting health at the forefront of the EU’s agenda is exactly what we aim to do during the European Year for Development 2015. This is the first ever European Year to focus on a global theme, and April is our month! Dedicated to...[more]

Europe's Biggest Economies Continue to Deny Aid to the World's Poorest, Despite 2015 Deadline

New figures released by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) show that the majority of European donors, including EU member states, are yet again failing to meet their aid commitments to those most in...[more]

World Health Day 2015: A Preview of Health ODA Performance by European Donors

This World Health Day, Action for Global Health (AfGH) has once again found that European donors are failing to reach health ODA targets, and have not been able to reach even half of the World Health Organisation's (WHO) minimum...[more]

World Health Day

April 7th is World Health Day To mark this important date, Action for Global Health is focusing on universal health coverage and the importance of community-driven health systems. Remarkable progress has been made from the...[more]

Health Financing: Unpacking Trends in ODA for Health- Cross-European Analysis

Action for Global Health's 2014 cross-European analysis on trends in ODA for health reveals that European donor countries are yet again evading aid commitments by failing to pay billions of Euros that should have been allocated...[more]

Comments to the UNSDSN report, “Financing Sustainable Development: Effective Investment Strategies and Partnerships”

Action for Global Health (AfGH) and the Global Health Council (GHC) welcome the opportunity to comment on the SDSN report on Financing Sustainable Development. We acknowledge the reference to the success of the health-related...[more]

Action for Global Health’s Reaction to the Council Conclusions and the Transformative Post-2015 Agenda

Action for Global Health welcomes the EU’s transformative post-2015 agenda and the new Council Conclusions, adopted in December. In particular, the re-emphasis on the importance of having an ambitious agenda that leaves no-one...[more]

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network has launched a draft report entitled “Financing Sustainable Development: Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Effective Investments Strategies and...[more]

A CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: An open letter to governments for a strong civil society participation in the post-2015 negotiations

Next year will be the conclusion of a global process that will set the new post-2015 agenda. Global participation in the discussions to set the post-2015 agenda have been unprecedented. People and their organizations in all parts...[more]

World Aids Day: Improving sexual health – one table football match at a time

At a youth centre in Bujumbura, Burundi, the table football is the centre of activity. Young people crowd round, cheering and supporting their chosen side as enthusiastically as one would a real football match. The centre opened...[more]

European Civil Society Statement in advance of ECOFIN signed by more than 1000 organisations and trade unions from 11 European countries representing more than 50 million European citizens.

Action for Global Health, alongside over 1000 CSO Networks and Organisations, Trade Union Federations, and European FTT Coalitions representing more than 50 million European citizens, is calling for the urgent promotion of the...[more]

'Aid for Trade vs Aid for Lives: Health Financing and the Rise of Phantom Aid

Action for Global Health has written an article on health financing for the Center for Global Health and Diplomacy. The publication entitled 'The Future of the Global Health Architecture' accompanied our participation in a high...[more]

6 things we learned on global health from #GlobalDev Week

At the 69th United Nations General Assembly in New York last week, member states discussed the way forward for the intergovernmental negotiations leading up to the adoption of the post-2015 sustainable development framework less...[more]

Equal Partners in Health: Civil Society and Government Accountability Mechanisms- Best Practice and Lessons Learnt

Action for Global Health held a side-event at the UN General Assembly, alongside the Global Health Council and The O’Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law. The side event brought together representatives from civil...[more]

Tragedy for health community at loss of HIV experts

Action for Global Health is deeply saddened by the tragic death of colleagues en route to attend the 20th International AIDS Conference taking place in Melbourne, Australia. Three colleagues from AfGH’s partner organisation were...[more]

MPs express concern at reproductive health omission from WHO draft post-2015 health goal

BRUSSELS, 04 July -  In a letter to the Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr. Margaret Chan, 29 parliamentarians from around the world and across the political spectrum have expressed deep concern at...[more]

Talking to our Health Champions: Hon. Pia Locatelli

This month, Action for Global Health is speaking to Italian politician, Hon. Pia Locatelli, a staunch defender of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), gender equality and women's rights about the future of women’s health...[more]

Evidence given at the International Development Committee Health Systems Strengthening inquiry

Evidence on health systems was given by Simon Wright, Save the Children on behalf of Action for Global Health today, Tuesday 24 June at the International Development Committee Health Systems Strengthening inquiry. We view this...[more]

Action for Global Health strongly condemns acid attack on Austrian MEP during gay pride event

BRUSSELS - Action for Global Health strongly condemns the vicious acid attack on Austrian MEP, Hon. Ulrike Lunacek, which fortunately left her unharmed. The recently elected MEP was sprayed by what was believed to be butyric acid...[more]

‘Undernutrition in the Land of Rice’- report by RESULTS UK

A new report by RESULTS UK entitled; ‘Undernutrition in the Land of Rice’ discusses the rate of undernutrition in Cambodia, despite high economic growth over the past two decades. Cambodia is not unique in this, it is one...[more]

Accessible & Affordable & Achievable – Health in the Post-2015 Agenda

Action for Global Health has convened, alongside VENRO, Action against AIDS Germany, Bread for the World, Medico International, Misereor, Oxfam, Plan International Germany, Stiftung Weltbevölkerung, Terre des Hommes and World...[more]

International Day of Action for Women’s Health

Join us in the re-launch of May 28th International Day of Action for Women’s Health, by calling on governments and the international community to ensure a holistic, inclusive, and human rights-based approach to women and girls’...[more]

Accountability Under Universal Health Coverage: Determining What Role Civil Society Must Play

Action for Global Health, convened a civil society meeting at the World Health Assembly, in coordination with the Global Health Council highlighting the role of civil society in holding governments accountable for the provision,...[more]

Talking to Our Health Champions: MEP Michael Cashman

This month we are talking to MEP Michael Cashman, a well-known human rights activist, about the opportunities provided by the Post-2015 process, the challenges facing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), LGBTI rights...[more]

Positioning Health in the Post-2015 framework and the OWG

The debate on the goals and targets for the post-2015 agenda is underway, and the 11th session of the Open Working Group (OWG) is in full swing. Underpinning these discussions is the Working Document produced by the OWG...[more]

The Europe We Want!

Ahead of the European Parliamentary elections, on 22-25 May 2014, Action for Global Health is backing The Europe We Want campaign, launched by Concord – calling for a fairer, more equitable Europe that puts people...[more]

Talking to our health champions: Dr Sharmin Zahan, BRAC Programme Manager for Health

Dr Sharmin Zahan, Health Programme Manager for BRAC, calls on the continued efforts of governments and civil society, to implement fully-funded, equitable health systems, and supports commitments to experiment with large-scale...[more]

Right to Heath: Universal Health Coverage, still an open issue

AfGH partner, AIDOS (Associazione Italiana Donne per lo Sviluppo), met in Rome on February 26 with the aim to promote Universal Health Coverage (UHC) discussions, and define civil society recommendations for the Italian...[more]

Civil Society Conference on Universal Health Coverage concludes with joint declaration on shaping UHC

Our global Civil Society Conference on health and Universal Health Coverage (UHC) concluded with a Joint Declaration on how to shape UHC to achieve the Right to Health. The Minister of Health and Social Action of Senegal opened...[more]

Latest video from Robin Hood Tax Campaign

he Robin Hood Tax campaign takes a cheeky look at what the world might be like in 2024, with a tax which tackles extreme poverty, climate change and cuts to public services! Check out the latest YouTube video and PLEASE sign the...[more]

Who Pays For Health? Trends in Official Development Assistance for Health

Action for Global Health (AfGH) features in the new edition of Global Health and Diplomacy (GHD)! Our article, entitled "Who Pays for Health?", is based on our report discussing the latest trends in Official Development...[more]

New Report: Who Pays for Health? Trends in ODA

A new AfGH report reveals that European donor countries are continuing to evade aid commitments by failing to pay billions of Euros that should have been allocated to global health. The report finds that the wealthiest nations...[more]

Talking to our Health Champions: Esther Eshiet, social worker and professional development blogger

Esther Eshiet, a professional social worker and development blogger, campaigns for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), Youth and Gender Mainstreaming and Entrepreneurial Development in Nigeria. Esther was nominated by...[more]

Lancet report reveals new investment framework for development

A new report on health investment has been published in 'The Lancet' in light of the 20th anniversary of the 1993 World Development Report. The report, entitled, "Global health 2035: a world converging within a...[more]

EU aid deal demonstrates commitment to global health and education

Action for Global Health (AfGH) welcomes the decision made by the European Parliament to include global health in the final text for the Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI) regulation, one of the European Union’s...[more]

Talking to our Health Champions: Jacquelyne Alesi, Programmes Director for the Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV/AIDS

Jacquelyne Alesi, Programmes Director for the Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV/AIDS, aims to empower young people living with HIV/AIDS. The network advocates for access to medicine, campaigns for increased...[more]

European Development Days 2013 Exhibition: Health is a Human Right

Tell EU Leaders how they can help realise the right to health for all at our exhibition at the European Development Days 2013 from the 26th to 27th November. The Exhibition aims to give people the opportunity to share their...[more]

Family Planning Conference, Addis Ababa

Official Development Assistance (ODA) results were presented in Addis Ababa last week at the International Conference on Family Planning ahead of the official launch on Wednesday. [more]

Action for Global Health: Submission to the Health in the Framework of Sustainable Development Consultation

Today Action for Global Health has submitted its comments to the report Health in the Framework of Sustainable Development. The report was produced by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), which was...[more]

Talking to our Health Champions: Dr Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director General for Health Systems and Innovation at the World Health Organisation

Dr Marie-Paule Kieny was appointed WHO Assistant Director-General for Health Systems and Innovation in November 2012. Dr Kieny was WHO Assistant Director-General for Innovation, Information, Evidence and Research from October...[more]

AfGH coorganizes today the event "The Road Forward: What's Next for Global Health?"

Action for Global Health, the Global Health Council, and Global Health South are pleased to announce the event, The Road Forward: What’s Next for Global Health? taking place today at 15:00 in New York City as part of the...[more]

Talking to our Health Champions: Mr Baba Goumbala (Africa regional representative of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance )

Africa regional representative of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance Mr Baba Goumbala is our ‘health champion’ this month. Born in Senegal, he has more than 20 years’ experience in HIV/ AIDS and community mobilisation in Africa....[more]

Talking to our Health Champions: Ms Mónica Ferro (MP)

Social Democrat MP Ms Mónica Ferro, who has been a member of the Portuguese Parliament since 2011, gives us the first interview of our new ‘Talking to our Health Champions’ column. Ms Ferro is the Chair of the All Party Group for...[more]

Action for Global Health statement on HLP report on the post-2015 development agenda

Action for Global Health (AfGH) welcomes the report of the High-Level Panel (HLP) of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda that was released on Thursday, May 30th 2013. AfGH has contributed through many channels to...[more]

AfGH recruits Project and Communications Trainee

Action for Global Health is seeking a 'Project and Communications Trainee' to join its Brussels'based team for six months, starting 25th February 2013. S/he should be a dymanic, dedicated team player and fluent in English. In...[more]

Action for Global Health UK Welcomes Justine Greening’s appointment as the new Secretary of State for International Development

Action for Global Health UK warmly welcomes Justine Greening and Lyne Featherstone in their roles as the new Secretary of State and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development. The British government will...[more]

Call for Universal Health Coverage issued at the World Health Assembly

The 65th World Health Assembly (WHA) kicks off in Geneva today and brings together health professionals and delegates from all the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) 194 member states. An opportunity for the organization...[more]

Worrying trends in aid spending: New analysis on 2011 ODA figures

Today Action for Global Health published an in-depth analysis of the Official Development Assistance spending in 2011. Our analysis looks at the statistics produced last month by the Organisation for Economic...[more]

Financial Transaction Tax Global Week of Action

Activists in over 30 countries pile pressure on Governments to back a Robin Hood Tax as leaders converge at international summits. The activists (including AfGH) argue that a small change for the banks will make a...[more]

New resource on Universal Health Coverage

The Results for Development Institute (R4D) has announced the launch of UHC Forward, a new website that features news, events, and publications related to the global universal health coverage (UHC) movement....[more]

Europe's real aid for health

The 16th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa - ICASA 2011, the Africa's largest conference on HIV/AIDS, which took place in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) from the 4th to the 8th of December 2011, brought together more...[more]

Busan Outcome Document agreed and signed: what’s next?

Busan, 2nd December 2011: The 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF4) resulted in countries’ agreement on the launch of new ‘Global Partnership for Development’, a new global governance framework which will move the...[more]

Development partners should learn from best aid effectiveness practices in health sector

Action for Global Health policy statement on the Busan High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness [more]

Increasing democratic ownership, improving health outcomes: IHP+ as a case study

Action for Global Health contributed to development of Busan Health Working Group e-poster "Increasing democratic ownership, improving health outcomes: IHP+ as a case study". The poster will be presented at Knowledge...[more]

Busan Health Working Group: Side Event at the CSO Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan

AfGH as part of the Busan Health Working Group, is pleased to invite any stakeholder who will attend the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan to participate in our side event “Effective Aid for Better Health” which will...[more]

Action for Global Health (AfGH) is looking for a European Co-ordinator

Action for Global Health (AfGH) is looking for a European Co-ordinator. This position is pivotal for the ongoing success of AfGH over the next 3 years and beyond. The overall purpose of this job is to ensure the successful...[more]

Job opportunity: European Policy Liaison Officer

The European Policy Liaison Officer will be responsible for the implementation of the AfGH policy and advocacy work plan in collaboration with Action for Global Health partners in Brussels and other project countries, to include...[more]

Health and education 'key priorities' in future EU development policy

Development commissioner Andris Piebalgs has reaffirmed the crucial role of health and education in future EU development policy in a debate organised by Action for Global Health and the European Policy Centre.[more]

AfGH external evaluation

AfGH is currently undergoing a process of evaluation and would appreciate your views on our work, which will feed into future strategies and actions. [more]

Number one global killer unchallenged

World leaders are failing to tackle the devastating impact of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and chronic respiratory disease, according to a leading coalition of health and development organisations.[more]

European Parliament: shaping the way to Busan

Ownership, transparency and accountability were the buzz words in a recent exchange of views on aid effectiveness in the European Parliament’s Development Committee. [more]

EU tax on financial transactions must go towards health and development, says AfGH

On 29 June 2011, the European Commission (EC) presented its proposals for the 2014-2020 budget, setting out the possibility for the bloc to raise its own resources through the implementation of a financial transaction tax (FTT)....[more]

Time for a Robin Hood Tax activists tell Europe: global day of action in 35 countries

Activists in over 35 countries united today in calling on European heads of state to back a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) that could raise hundreds of billions to tackle poverty and climate change. [more]

Parliamentarian’s urged to support FTT

Parliamentarians are being urged to show their support for a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) by signing a declaration drafted by a broad coalition of NGOs and trade unions ahead of the European Council later this month. [more]

Health workforce must be part of broader health plans

As the World Health Assembly closes its doors for another year, it’s a good time to consider some of the issues which were discussed during the nine-day Assembly on the strategies to strengthen human resources for health....[more]

World Health Assembly: need of reforms and new initiatives

The WHO's 64th World Health Assembly (WHA) opened on Monday 16th of May in Geneva. For nine days, ministerial delegations from the United Nation's 193 member governments will discuss and take decisions on global health issues...[more]

Stronger parliamentary oversight of budget support essential

Budget support has to accompanied with stronger parliamentary oversight. That was the message coming from parliamentarians at the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA) in Budapest.[more]

The road to Busan: making health aid work better

Latest OECD figures show mixed performance by EU donors on official development assistance targets as AfGH new report calls on Europe to do much more to aid the health sector.[more]

DR Congo introduces new vaccine against one of its leading causes of child death

Kinshasa, 4 April 2011 – In an effort to drastically improve the chances of children reaching their fifth birthday, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) today stepped up its immunization programme by including vaccines to...[more]

EU-US Health Dialogue - AfGH recommendations

In the framework of the EU-US dialogue on development, Action for Global health sent a letter to Mr Fotiadis, Director General of DG DEVCO and Mr Steinberg, Deputy Administrator of USAID to call on the need to strengthen health...[more]

The EU: a global player in health and development?

On 17 March the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health and EPF organised a conference on "The EU: a global player in health and development?" at the House of Commons, Westminster. The...[more]

EU-wide tax on financial transactions is a 'win-win solution'

The European Commission has been urged to send a strong signal to G20 finance ministers that it is ready to move forward with plans for an EU-wide financial transaction tax (FTT) if agreement cannot be reached at global level....[more]

NGO side event at the 2nd Global Forum on Human Resources for Health

The UK Human Resources for Health (HRH) working group of Action for Global Health partners including Merlin, TB Alert, AMREF, VSO, Save the Children, Sightsavers, WEMOS, HWAI and many government representatives, health workers,...[more]

No health without health workers

Europe must step up efforts to tackle the health workforce crisis if the health Millennium Development Goals are to be realised, says Action for Global Health.[more]

Second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health: addressing the Global Health Workforce Crisis

The Second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from 25-29 January 2011. Under the slogan ‘Empower Health Workers for health’ the forum will provide a platform to review progress made to...[more]

Action for Global Health encourages parliamentarians to play a strong role in health

At the 20th Session of the African, Caribbean, Pacific–EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Kinshasa (DRC), Action for Global Health brought together parliamentarians for an event focusing on the role of parliamentarians in...[more]

Action for Global Health launches an online guide to global health in the EU

The online guide is an excellent and in-depth tool for anyone who wants to know more about EU's global health policies, actors and opportunities to influence the EU institutions. The guide is easily accessible to anyone and...[more]

Action for Global Health brings MEPs to a health project in Kinshasa

On December 1st - the occasion of World Aids Day – Action for Global Health organised a field visit to a health care centre for MEPs attending the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Kinshasa . Parliamentarians from the...[more]

AFGH at the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Kinshasa

With only 5 years remaining to achieve the MDGs, Parliamentarians have a full role to play in achieving the health MDGs. This is why AFGH will be at the 20th Session of the African, Caribbean, Pacific – EU Joint Parliamentary...[more]

Parliamentary Handbook - The Role of Parliamentarians in Advancing the Health MDGs

The parliamentary handbook aims to help European parliamentarians to better understand the basics and the importance of Official Development Assistance (ODA), the new global health aid architecture, and the latest global health...[more]

How effective is European Aid to the Health Sector? Join AFGH for an online discussion!

Between October 2010 and April 2011, DSW and the Action for Global Health (AfGH) Network are organizing an online discussion on Aid Effectiveness in the health sector. [more]

The NGO Code of Conduct for the Health Systems Strengthening: a reference tool for health actors

More than two years ago, a coalition of health NGOs decided to create an NGO Code of Conduct for Health Systems Strengthening. In the context of the country based approach the aim was to offer a guide that ensure NGOs good...[more]

EuroMapping 2010

On 25th October the German Foundation for World Population (DSW) and the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development (EPF) announced the publication of EuroMapping 2010. [more]

Action For Global Health Tracks EU support for Health in Developing Countries

Brussels 24.10.2010 - On the 40th anniversary of the UN Member States’ commitment to give 0.7% of our wealth in aid, Action for Global Health launches a new tool tracking EU support for Global Health. [more]

Women's and children's health in the upcoming review of the MDGs

The convening of the United Nations’ High-Level Review Summit on the MDGs later this month is a critical moment for the future of these landmark goals. With only five years remaining before the target date of 2015, Ban Ki-Moon is...[more]

Health Workers urgently needed to reach health MDGs

According to WHO, 4.3 million extra health workers (doctors, nurses and midwives) are needed worldwide to make essential healthcare accessible to all. Action for Global Health launches a new briefing paper ‘Health Workers...[more]

Global Health Study Tour in Cambodia

An EPF/AFGH Parliamentary Taskforce investigates progress and challenges. In the framework of the Action for Global Health (AFGH) network, the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development (EPF) brought a four-member...[more]

UK Parliamentarians calls on the Prime Minister to address global health at the UN MDG review summit 2010

Health is Wealth (HiW): UK parliamentarians produced the first joint global health statement ahead of the UN summit in consultations with AfGH UK network partners.[more]

Investing in Our Common Future

The Joint Action Plan is a global effort, led by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, to accelerate progress on women’s and children’s health that calls for all stakeholders to work together to meet existing commitments as well...[more]

Financing the AIDS response – A question of efficiency or more money?

Funding the AIDS response has been a key area for discussion and action at the the International AIDS Conference taking place in Vienna this week. A protest by activists at the very start of the opening ceremony set the scene for...[more]

"Turn Healthy Profits into Healthy People" demand activists at Vienna AIDS Conference

On the first full day of the XVIIIth International AIDS Conference, activists called on Bill Gates to tell world leaders “fill the gap : back the bank tax!” [more]

Health spending in Uganda: the impact of current aid structures and aid effectiveness

This country briefing draws together the main findings gathered during AfGH’s visit to Uganda in February 2010 and provides recommendations to policy-makers and civil society.[more]

CTL for health/FTT with health: research paper

In the last few months, there has been a growing community of civil society organisations calling for the introduction of new innovative forms of financing such as financial transaction taxes to reverse the impact of the economic...[more]

International expert group confirms Currency Transaction Tax feasibility - Action for Global Health calls upon heads of state to implement tax

Friday July 16 - a group of experts drawn from the financial sector and academia have confirmed the feasibility of taxing financial transactions for the benefit of development. A detailed feasibility study titled “Globalising...[more]

Debating the Future of the Global Health Aid Architecture

On Monday 12th July, Action for Global Health UK, in partnership with Save the Children UK, Results UK, and the UK’s Stop AIDS Campaign hosted a civil society workshop to review the current global health financing mechanisms and...[more]

UN Creates New Structure for Empowerment of Women

New York, 2 July 2010 — In an historic move, the United Nations General Assembly voted unanimously to create a new entity to accelerate progress in meeting the needs of women and girls worldwide.[more]

WHO - Increasing access to health workers in remote and rural areas through improved retention

Globally, approximately one half of the population lives in rural areas, but less than 38% of the nurses and less than 25% of the physicians work there. While getting and keeping health workers in rural and remote areas is a...[more]

Muskoka initiative: G8 announces figures for maternal and child health which are far below expectations – and very far from the realities

Last Sunday the G8 decided to commit 5 billion dollars over five years to support maternal and infant health. Six other countries which are not members of the club, as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, agreed to...[more]

The MDG Review must deliver concrete action and commitments if the health-related MDGs are met

On 28th June 2010, Action for Global Health UK hosted a one-day ’Reality Check’ policy conference to highlight what the UK, the EU and Africa must do to ensure that the MDG Review Summit in September 2010 delivers concrete...[more]

Breaking barriers: new report calls for ‘holistic’ approach on MDGs

June saw the launch of a joint report ‘Breaking barriers: working together to achieve a healthy, hunger-free world’ in which AFGH and 3 other NGOs called for a fresh assault from Heads of State to deliver their MDG promises.[more]

Global Health Policy Forum Discusses Implementation

The Latest lunchtime informal Global Health Policy Forum has focussed on implementation following the Council Conclusions on Global Health and the recent High Level Conference of the European Commission on Global Health[more]

Over 50 MEPs sign their commitment to MDG4, pledging to Kick off … for children’s health!

16 June 2010: At the European Parliament in Strasbourg Action for Global Health joined with European Parliamentarians (MEPs) and other distinguished guests to mark African Child Day with a football themed event targeting child...[more]

Kick off … for children’s health!

African Child Day, 16 June: Teaming up with MEP Michael Cashman, the European parliament's rapporteur on the millennium development goals (MDGs), Action for Global Health will organize a football match on children’s health for...[more]

Ministers leave job unfinished

LUXEMBOURG – 14.06.2010 – EU foreign and development ministers have taken an important step by agreeing human rights must be at the centre of any strategy capable of meeting the Millennium Development Goals. But unless EU leaders...[more]

WHO Code of Practice on health workers risks being 'toothless tiger' warns Action for Global Health

Action for Global Health welcomes a new Code of Practice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) which aims to stem the flow of health workers leaving poor countries for rich ones. The code will have a significant impact on the...[more]

Council conclusions on the EU role in Global Health

On the Foreign Affairs Council meeting conclusions on the European Commission`s communication "The EU role in global health" were adopted. In addition to that, the development ministers held a first discussion on the EU position...[more]

ODA intermediate targets should include health

The European Commission today adopted its annual review of development cooperation and progress towards the Millennium Development Goals and urged Member States to adopt measures to ensure Aid commitments are kept.[more]

2010 Reality Check - AFGH annual policy report

On World Health Day 2010, a new report from Action for Global Health urges EU leaders to commit 0.1% of GNI to ensure universal access to healthcare for people in developing countries.[more]

EC new Global Health Communication places the MDGs at the heart of the Right to Health

On March 31st, the European Commission proposed a new and more coherent approach to EU health cooperation through its new Communication on the role of the EU in Global Health. By applying European health and equity principles to...[more]

Countdown 2015 – each minute can save lives!

At the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Tenerife, Action for Global Health launched a MDG 5 campaign website and a photo exhibition 'Just a minute!'. MEP Norbert Neuser chaired the event and played the MDG 5 memory game...[more]

Action for Global Health France launches a national campaign to support health systems in developing countries

On March 12, Oxfam France and Action for Global Health (represented in France by Médecins du Monde and Avocats pour la Santé dans le Monde), launched a public awareness campaign on the need to support health systems strengthening...[more]

EU Action Plan on Gender Equality in Development finally released

On the occasion of International Women's Day and the 15th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration, the European Commission services released the EU Action Plan on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Development valid from...[more]

Delivering the Right to Health with the Health MDGs

One day conference on Europe’s role on how to combat poverty-related crises by 2015[more]


Gender equality and women’s empowerment to reach the MDGs[more]

Seeking Spanish Solutions - policy briefing to the EU Spanish Presidency

ActionAid and Ayuda en Acción, in collaboration with Action for Global Health, have come together to produce a set of recommendations to help guide the Spanish Presidency over the course of the next 6 months.[more]

The IMF and the human resources for health crisis in developing countries - report

Action for Global Health in the UK, together with the Stop AIDS Campaign, has released a report on the impact of International Monetary Fund (IMF) policies on the human resources for health crisis in developing countries.[more]

German government agrees to keep international commitment after pressure from civil society

After much pressure from civil society organizations, the German government agreed to include in the budget for 2010 the amount of funding to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria it had pledged for this year in...[more]

AfGH supports it! - The Robin Hood Tax Campaign Launched.

Action for Global Health welcomes launch of a long anticipated Robin Hood Tax campaign. A tiny tax on bankers that would raise billions - every year - to tackle poverty and climate change. The campaign for a "Robin Hood Tax,"...[more]

AFGH Presents at the first Global Health Debate in Council

AFGH was invited by the Spanish Presidency of the Council to give a presentation outlining what AFGH view priorities for Global Health. The presentation was one of two given to the working group, the other being from the...[more]

Action for Global Health Conference - Delivering the right to health with the health MDGs

Action for Global Health organises a Cross Europe Conference on “Delivering the Right to health with the health MDGs” taking place in the European Parliament, Brussels, on March 2nd. The event will look at what the EU needs to do...[more]

Commission Spring Package Briefing Includes information on a Communication on Financial Transaction Tax

At a briefing given by DG Development on the “Spring Package for Development” a Commission official disclosed the additional intention of the Commission to adopt a Communication and staff working paper outlining the economic...[more]

AfGH Spain delivers the Letter on Global Health to the Spanish State Secretary for EU

AfGH Spain, together with other Spanish NGO's networks, delivers the Letter on Global Health addressing the three next EU Presidencies and signed by more than 450 international NGO's to the Spanish State[more]

MSF intervention on MDGs at World Health Assembly Executive Board meeting

At the Executive Board meeting of the World Health Assembly - the governing body of the WHO - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) called to highlight the need for Member States to make additional pledges to increase funding for...[more]

Civil Society Organisations’ Comments on the Proposed Joint Platform for Health Systems Strengthening

What will happen to the current health aid architecture? The need to strengthen health systems and the agenda of aid effectiveness arise challenges in the coordination of global health initiatives. Civil Society organizations...[more]

MSF intervention on MDGs at World Health Assembly Executive Board meeting

At the Executive Board meeting of the World Health Assembly - the governing body of the WHO - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) called to highlight the need for Member States to make additional pledges to increase funding for...[more]

Commission Spring Package Briefing Includes information on a Communication on Financial Transaction Tax

At a briefing given by DG Development on the “Spring Package for Development” a Commission official disclosed the additional intention of the Commission to adopt a Communication and staff working paper outlining the economic...[more]

Jeleva Resigns Threatening Delay in Commission Approval

The Bulgarian nominee for the Commission, Rumiana Jeleva, has resigned potentially delaying the approval of the European Commission by the European Parliament. The new Bulgarian nominee to the Commission has been named as Ms...[more]

AfGH country partner Plan Haiti responds to Haiti earthquake disaster

AfGH partner Plan staff reported widespread panic when the 7.0 magnitude quake and 2 strong aftershocks struck. It is the most powerful earthquake to have hit the island of Hispaniola in 200 years.[more]

European Court of Auditors critical of EU Aid Policy

The aid implemented by the European Commission through United Nations organisations amounted to over 1 billion euro in 2008. The European Court of Auditors has examined whether decisions to channel aid through the UN have been...[more]

Belgium meets international development goal of 0.7%

The Belgian Government has met the United Nations goal to provide 0.7% of national output as international development, earning its membership in the so-called 0.7% Group. Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark and Norway are among the...[more]

“The hearing was no picnic for me” - Andris Piebalgs quizzed by the European Parliament

On 11th of January Andris Piebalgs, the Latvian Commissioner-designate for Development, has had his hearing in front of the members of the European Parliament. The choice of Mr. Piebalgs as Development Commissioner was a real...[more]

Recommendations on Global Health to the Spanish, Belgium and Hungarian Presidencies

More than 450 European NGOs and networks, including AfGH, have joined to ask the new trio presidencies to rescue the health MDGs. In a joint statement to the Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian Governments, NGOs have made six...[more]

Secretary of State Clinton Delivered Speech Renewing U.S. Support For Universal Access to SRH Worldwide

The U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton delivered a speech Friday, January 8, 2010 to commemorate the 15th year of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). Secretary Clinton announced the U.S....[more]

British Medical Journal Editorials: "Greenwash" at the climate change summit in Copenhagen

January 2010 British Medical Journal presents, among others, an editorial note commenting on the December Copenhagen Conference of the Parties (COP15) and its relation to area of health and what doctors have to say therein.[more]

Piebalgs will prioritise the MDGs

The written answers from the nominated European Commissioners to questions from the European Parliament have been posted online. The Commissioner Designate for Development, Andris Piebalgs, gives strong support to improving...[more]

Action for Global Health among responses to consultation

Action for Global Health has submitted its response to the on-line consultation of the European Commission on Global Health before it closed on 9 December 2009. All the responses to the consultation have now been made available...[more]

Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening

The Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research launched its latest report "Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening" at the Global Forum for Health Research held in Havana (Cuba). The report offers a fresh...[more]

Vaccine Prices at forefront of GAVI Partners meeting

The 4th GAVI Partners Forum has opened in Hanoi with reflections on the successes of GAVI and the challenges it faces in the comming years. A recurrent theme has been how the scale of GAVI programmes can be maintained in the...[more]

Financial transactions tax: still a confusing matter

Since the G20 September meeting, there have been significant shifts in the discourses that punctuate the debates about the creation of a financial transaction tax. These have focused not only on the feasibility of such tax, but...[more]

Aid effectiveness in the health sector - field assessments

Action for Global Health (AfGH) has conducted three case studies in Ethiopia, Zambia and Nepal to explore progress in terms of Aid Effectiveness in hte area of health. These reports look at the Paris Declaration and Accra Agenda...[more]

WHO calls for action beyond the health sector to improve the health of girls and women

9 NOVEMBER 2009, GENEVA -- Despite considerable progress in the past decades, societies continue to fail to meet the health care needs of women at key moments of their lives, particularly in their adolescent years and in older...[more]

France’s diplomatic efforts pave the way for the creation of a financial transaction tax for development

A taskforce to look at the feasibility of a financial transaction tax for development was officially launched on October 22nd in Paris. The announcement was made following a meeting held by foreign affairs officials from 12...[more]

Euromapping 2009 - Report

Euromapping 2009: creating peer pressure among European NGOs, decision makers, ODA officials and the media to increase funding for global sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and development cooperation.[more]


The Conference aims at structuring political agendas that would take into consideration the universality of the right to social security in the national and international arenas. The Government of Brazil is inviting other...[more]

Children’s right to health in a changing climate

AfGH Plan organizes seminar at European Development Days: Health of children is disproportionately affected by environmental adversity. Over two thirds of environmentally related, preventable illnesses occur in children.[more]

“Disaster risk reduction – early warning and early action to meet the Health MDGs”

AfGH partner Plan co-organizes side event at the European Development Days. The side event looked into the existing adaptation initiatives from the perspective of the most vulnerable people. The debate emphasized the importance...[more]

EU Development Days Debates Whether the Health MDGs can be Reached

At the European Development Days event in Stockholm (22-24 October) experts from the health aid sector debated whether the health MDGs can be attained following the financial crisis. In contributing to the debate Action for...[more]

European Development Days opens with Goverance and Climate Focus

Crown Princess Victoria opened the European Development Days 2009 and the first session focussed upon citizenship, governance and climate change[more]

Health for All on UHC Day 2016 - the UK’s role in promoting UHC in the SDGs era

Universal health coverage (UHC) has been high on the global and political agenda this year – with recent wins for the measurement of UHC in the SDG global indicator framework and growing country commitments to support the IHP for...[more]