World Health Day

April 7th is World Health Day

To mark this important date, Action for Global Health is focusing on universal health coverage and the importance of community-driven health systems. Remarkable progress has been made from the Millennium Development Goals with 500 million fewer people living below the poverty line- but more needs to be done!

Health is a human right and a cornerstone of sustainable development and global security. Universal health coverage changes the way that health care is financed and delivered – so it is more equitable and more effective. Lack of affordable, quality health care traps families and nations in poverty. Civil society engagement is key to creating strong, responsive and inclusive health systems where even the most marginalised and vulnerable populations are reached. Community-driven health systems step in where governments have failed by reaching those who have fallen through the cracks. Community-driven health systems are more equitable, inclusive and respond to community-identified health needs.

We support civil society and community-based health workers as key drivers to implement universal health coverage! #worldhealthday