Post 2015

Evidence given at the International Development Committee Health Systems Strengthening inquiry

AfGH UK welcome the opportunity to input into the Committee's inquiry into DFID's support for health system strengthening (HSS). We view this inquiry as a crucial opportunity to promote greater focus on health systems in DFID's...[more]

Health in the post-2015 framework: Analysis of the positions of key European countries with case-studies of the United States and Senegal

AfGH is seeking to better understand the similarities and differences between the post-2015 positions of the European member states, both in relation to the strength of health as a priority for them and their understanding of how...[more]

Health in the Post-2015 Agenda

‘Accessible & Affordable & Achievable’: Report from VENRO Conference, June 4th 2014, Berlin.[more]

Health Workers urgently needed to reach health MDGs

Action for Global Health calls for the European Union and its Member States to urgently take measures tackling the global shortage of health professionals. [more]

Parliamentary Handbook - The Role of Parliamentarians in Advancing the Health MDGs

The parliamentary handbook aims to help European parliamentarians to better understand the basics and the importance of Official Development Assistance (ODA), the new global health aid architecture, and the latest global health...[more]

AfGH EU Roadmap Step by step towards 2015: the EU Roadmap for the health MDGs

The EU Roadmap outlines what the EU and its Institutions have committed themselves to do in order to support full funding, strong systems and fair access, including specific commitments on MDG 4, MDG 5 and MDG 6. Under each...[more]

Engendering Global Health

Right to Health and the Health MDGs

Action for Global Health calls for more urgent action by donors, partners’ country governments and international civil society to fulfill the right to health [more]

Adopting a child-centred approach: Integration for maximising impact on child health

This paper, created as part of the Child health Working group of the Action for Global Health UK network, builds on recent developments in integrated approaches to child health programming. It aims to highlight innovative...[more]

How The Post-2015 Framework Must Deliver For Health

Action for Global Health (AfGH) believes that the post-2015 framework must include a strong and outcome-focused health goal. It must also include health-related targets and indicators under the other appropriate global...[more]

Health in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

In Decembet 2012, Action for Global Health carried out a consultation on Health in the Post-2015 Development Framework at the GAVI Partners' Forum in Dar es Salaam. [more]

Join Up, Scale Up: How integration can defeat poverty and disease

This brand new report, co-authored by Action for Global Health provides clear and compelling evidence that a combined approach – bringing together health, water, sanitation, education and nutrition – achieves better results for...[more]

Online guide to global health in the EU

The online guide is an excellent and in-depth tool for anyone who wants to know more about EU's global health policies, actors and opportunities to influence the EU institutions. [more]

2010 Reality Check Time is running out to meet the health MDGs

AfGH 4th Policy Report. With only five years left until the 2015 target date to reach the MDGs, the time for action is now. [more]

Health in Crisis

AfGH 3rd Policy Report. Why in time of economic crisis, Europe must do more than ever to achieve the health MDGs. [more]

Healthy Aid

AfGH 2nd Policy Report. Why Europe must deliver more aid, better spent to save the health Millennium Development Goals. Facts sheets of the six country case studies which informed the Healthy Aid...[more]

Declaration from the Civil Society Meeting on Universal Health Coverage

This document outlines the discussion points drawn from a civil society meeting in Dakar, Senegal, in February 2014, which brought together civil society actors from 23 countries and five continents. It captures the reflections...[more]

The 20% benchmarking on health and basic education

The EU institutions should live up to their commitments to health and basic education sectors in the 2014-2020 DCI regulation, and allocate a sufficient amount to health under the 11th EDF (geographic and intra-ACP Fund...[more]

2012 civil society consultation on ‘Health in the post-2015 development agenda

The United Nations Secretary General (UNSG) appointed a High level Panel to advise on the global development agenda beyond 2015. In support of this process, the United Nations Development Group led a “global conversation” on the...[more]