Who We Are

We are a network of development and health organisations who call for better policies to support health services in the developing world.
We are a network of development and health organisations who call for better policies to support health services in the developing world.

Action for Global Health (AfGH) is a broad European network of NGOs advocating for Europe to play a more proactive role in enabling developing countries to meet the Right to health for all and the Health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Established in 2006, today AfGH is active in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, the UK and Brussels - and has over 30 member NGOs across these countries.

As a network of development and health organisations, we bring a unique blend of expertise, of disease and non-disease specific organisations. AfGH builds on its experience and capacity to hold European governments and EU institutions accountable for their political commitments and policy efforts to ensure the progress of the Health MDGs, through full funding of health, strengthening health systems and ensuring fair access to healthcare.

We continue to take an important role in ensuring official development assistance (ODA) for global health, deeply threatened in the current economic climate, is maintained. Our main actions take place in Europe, particularly Brussels and EU member states, targeting the EU institutions and key member state governments. We develop policy analysis and research, engaging with other civil society groups both in Brussels and throughout the EU, to build advocacy alliances.

The strength of the network is based on the capacity of its members to cooperate, linking the national, EU institutional, and the global agendas for Health. We reach out to decision-makers and the media so as to influence EU decisions on global health and highlight the need for action in order to meet the global commitments for health. Our messages and our policy expertise are built through research in Europe and in developing countries, where we benefit from the expertise and evidence provided by Southern partners of our member organisations.

Plan UK are lead partner of the network and have overarching responsibility for its’ governance. Our coordination team are based in Brussels. For more information on our partners please follow this link.

AfGH has strong networks based at national level, particularly in Spain and in the UK. AfGH UK works on broader health and health systems issues with a focus on the quantity and quality of UK development assistance for health and the UK Government's role in accelerating progress towards healthy lives for all. Similarly in Spain, Acción por la Salud Global seeks to influence development budgets within the Spanish government and advocates for health ODA in an already critical economic climate.

Take some time to browse the resources on our website to learn more about our work and how to engage in our advocacy and campaign actions. You can also read AfGH's Story of Change, a shared reflection about our network and our work over the past five years, highlighting successes and challenges faced along the way.